Ørland Airport Installation Complete

May 11, 2020 by issukadmin0I-S-Solutions UK News

This week at Ørland airport, a small airport in mid-Norway, I-S-Solutions UK completed the installation of a system for Cabin baggage and Hold baggage due to space restrictions in the terminal, while making the system more friendly for the staff and the passengers. The system will be weighing all items, count passengers, and produce an onscreen manifest for the staff to make the load sheets after the staff have concentrated on their main role of providing high-level security to the screening process. As with all our projects, we designed it to provide all the data to the customer, to help them produce the right reports for the CAA with the least amount of manual work as possible.

I-S-Solutions-UK-Orland-Project-3 I-S-Solutions-UK-Orland-Project-2

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